Who we are

We are a fintech company that wants to take responsibility for the future of our planet. A new age demands a new way of thinking. We only have one planet.

The story is about a fintech & the developers who are trying to make this world a better place while launching a shop called ICEBACK. You can buy from a lot of brands on our shop, then you will receive some cashback for every order. Cashback is a certain percentage of the amount you spend on the shop which you get back. This amount can be saved in your personal account or be given to help our planet by donating it to one of our donationprojects.

Do you prefer to share your money with us and help save the planet, or do you prefer live like an egoist, keep your money and waste them for unimportant things that you don't need ?

We are trying to attract companies and organisations by making it their responsibility to ensure that everything they do protects and improves our climate.

We will invest 10% of the donations in ideas or projects that will not harm our planet in the future. The remaining 90% of donations will invest in innovative climate projects that support local communities and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.