FAQ or what you always wanted to know!

Of course not. You go to your favourite shop and order with your common account. The only difference is, you will save some money with cashback or you get discounts and vouchers or both.

As soon as you made your purchase, we will wait until the return period has expired and then the shop will credit the money to your account. With one click on your amount (will always be displayed on the top of the site, when you are logged in) you can donate your cashback or pay it out directly. If you have a free ice-back prepaid Mastercard you will benefit from additional cashback and you can directly pay out your cashback on your account. Your credit will be shown on your dashboard within 24 hours.

It's pretty simple. You not only benefit from discounts and vouchers, instead you will also get 0.2% cashback on every amount you spend on our shop. The card is a Mastercard and can be used worldwide. If you use the card somehwere else than our shop, you will get a 0.2% cashback for every Swiss Franc you spend. Here is the Link:

ice-back landingpage

The browser extension is just there to remind you, which of your favourite shops are on the ice-back platform. As we are searching for new brands all the time you will quickly lose the overview. In the shopping-rush you could also maybe forget to check if the shop is on our platform. The browser extension does nothing else than remind you, which shops are on our platform and how much cashback, discounts or vouchers are currently available.

As always. The only difference is, that you click on the shop-link on our platform. So you will automatically get all the discounts, vouchers and cashback. Your login-data will be the same as always. It has never been easier!